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Bakthi Ross Books

Bakthi Ross was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Australia in 1987. She worked in Greece,New Zealand and Australia. Now she is a chidren’s book author and a award winning digital artist. She worked as a children’s tutor in Sri Lanka and volunteer children’s reading assistant in Australia

Bakthi Ross Books:

Bakthi’s first book entitled “Millipede Curl” was published in 2006. She has been writing children’s books for the last six years. She is a mother of two children and lives in Brisbane, Australia. Her books are digitally illustrated and loved by children.

Bakthi Ross Books

Bakthi’s Books

Alien Elephant

Alien Elephant is a children’s book about an Alien Elephant who travelled to the plantes and the moon.

Birds! Birds! I Catch Birds.

Birds! Birds! I catch birds is a children’s book for under two year olds. When you read the book please extend the sounds of the words like Birrr…rd.
It is a books with less text.

Shy Little Rabbit

Shy Little Rabbit is a children’s book about a rabbit called Lewis Rudd. He was very shy and with the help of a friend he overcame his shyness.

Invisable Hilder

Invisible Hilda is a children’s book about a little girl called Hilda. She was keen to play but she didn’t like to do her homework. Whenever there was homework or other chores, she became invisible so she didn’t have to do the work.

Find The Happy Goat

Find the happy goat is a children’s picture book with fun activity of finding the right animals.

Little Miss Pink

Miss Pink Little is a children’s book about a little monkey with a pink bow and she didn’t want to do all the activities.

You See Stars Everywhere

You See Stars Everywhere is a children’s book about that nature breaks like the star breaks with rays and beams. You see stars in the sky, you see stars on land and stars below sea.

My Dad Was A Puff

My dad was a puff is a children’s book about a child taking her dad away from his dark clouds.

Green Plastic Bag

Green Plastic Bag is a children’s book suitable for ages 4-7 year olds. It is about a green plastic bag and how it ended up as a stray dog’s plate. Read more to find out about the adventures of a green plastic bag.

Pumkin Pants

Pumpkin Pants is a children’s book about a boy named Ted and he used a pumpkin as his pants. His pumpkin pants were fat and orange and ready to be cooked. All the men, women, children and animals chased after his pumpkin pants. Can you guess what happened to his pumpkin pants? Read more to find out.

The Longest Cat

The Longest Cat is a children’s book about a longest cat and its adventure to catch the largest prey. The book is funny with new children’s book characters. Tailess lizard, Longest Nat the boy who sat on a flying mat are some of the characters that lead the story in to the largest word “ For Hard copy email –

Blue Tail

Bluetail is a children’s book, hardcover, size 21×21 cm hard copy $15 plus postage.
Bluetail is about a little girl called Bluetail telling a caged bird about being free.

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